The Scholarship


Our goal is to foster, in the guitar student, personal growth and maturity as a result of caring for and practicing on a classic American arch top guitar which was totally manufactured in the United States. The student will learn an appreciation for a high level of dedication in specific instructors, like Joe Monk, who have dedicated a lifetime codifying material and inspiring students to keep jazz guitar music alive and vibrant for future generations.

The outreach recipient will then bring this new found appreciation to the community at large by performing for disadvantaged or fragile groups. This site will have Joe Monk’s unique material available for worldwide distribution.

Recipient Qualifications/Requirements:

The student recipient must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a music student in the greater Cleveland area.
  • Be a guitar student of Peter Rogine or Joseph Bonsignore at the time of being selected as the outreach recipient and for the entire period during which the student is in possession of the guitar.
  • Consistently and mindfully care for the guitar for the entire duration of the outreach period, following the written guidelines for the care of the guitar. The recipient must sign an agreement as to the care and maintenance of the guitar.
  • Agree to a musical performance with the outreach guitar in the community at a venue approved by Professor Bonsignore. Examples of possible venues include nursing homes, the VA hospital, and a children’s hospital.  It is the recipient’s responsibility to select the venue and have same approved.
  • Submit a two-page single space type written paper describing: the recipient’s personal and musical experience with the guitar, what the recipient learned and appreciated about having the guitar for the outreach period, and the recipient’s experience performing with this jazz guitar for the benefit of the greater community at the venues selected and approved.  The deadline for this assignment will be set by Professor Bonsignore and any extension of the deadline must be approved by Professor Bonsignore in advance.
  • Return the guitar to Professor Bonsignore and Peter Rogine and execute the specific agreement as related to the maintenance and return of the guitar at the end of the outreach program.

Outreach Recipient Will Receive:

  • The outreach arch top guitar to use in lessons, to practice and play at home, and to use at the community venue selected and approved.
  • Six pro-bono Jazz guitar lessons with Professor Bonsignore and or Peter Rogine.
  • The guitar student, will learn an appreciation for the craftsmanship of handmade instruments which will outperform guitars currently mass produced.